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 TEVSAPHIL is the national  association of regional, provincial and district associations of private tech-voc schools  throughout the Philippines.   

In other words, TEVSAPHIL is an association of associations of private  tech-voc schools. The membership therefore consists of associations instead of individual schools.

Its articles of incorporation and by-laws  were approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on ________________.

TEVSAPHIL traces back its roots to  a  long  history going back  to  the original national association of private technical institutions – PAPTI,  founded after the last war by  illustrious names (Guzman, Jhocson, Dalupan.)

Among the recent eminent names  in  tech-voc education that served in leadership positionsin recent years in PAPTI are Dr. Horacio Montefrio, Bishop Precioso Cantillas and Dr. Teresita  Quirino. These latter two sit on the governing board of TESDA as representatives of the academe as mandated by the law creating TESDA.   Dr. Quirino is the President emeritus of TEVSAPHIL while Dr. Montefrio is a member of the Board of Trustees.

For sometime PAPTI became inactive for some time because of some differences among the leadership and for all purposes not functioning.  APPTI was subsequently  organized and  carried on the functions of PAPTI.

In the meanwhile, TEVSAA was organized with members coming mainly from the national capital region where a majority of the tech-voc schools are located. .  TEVSAA was very active in many activities in tech-voc education. When it  was decided to  expand  the  membership of TEVSAA to all private tech-voc schools throughout  the country, TEVSAPHIL (for Technical Vocational Schools Associations of the Philippines.) was organized 

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